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Overcoming Coordinating E-Discovery Practice with Information Governance Strategies Tailored to Life Science Industries

Life Sciences organizations must overcome unique challenges in their E-Discovery process and in accomplishing their in formation governance objectives. In these highly litigious and regulated industries, organizations must implement unique strategies to ensure that their most valuable assets – intellectual property – are secure and well-managed. Research and Development data is the lifeblood of many areas of activity, including everything from patent applications and drug and device development, to defense of government and private litigation. Further, the information governance tasks in an industry where mergers and acquisitions are common, brings the need for sound, enterprise-wide management of ESI, in order to ensure compliance and consistency throughout your organization.

IQPC has paid particular attention to these dynamics in crafting this year’s program. You will benefit from an unparalleled mix of thought leaders and industry movers who will shape the future of E-Discovery for years to come. Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

  • Clinical Trial Investigator Portals: Overcoming Privacy, Confidentiality, and Discoverability Challenges of “Real-Time” Storage
  • Discussing the Unique E-Discovery Considerations When Managing Global Operations
  • Litigating Patent Cases Under Judge Rader’s New Model Order---Implications for E-Discovery
  • Utilizing Predictive Coding Technology in the Life Sciences Space in Order to Reduce Litigation Costs
  • Strategies for Navigating FDA Investigations and Other Government-Driven Document Production Without Compromising proprietary Research and Development

This is a must attend event to keep your organization up to speed on the developments and new horizons in this critical field.



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